Monday, September 12, 2005

Great Race News

Wow, Great Race 2005 was a huge success. Congratulations to the Grand Champions Greg Cunningham and Sam Goeppinger. All racers truly proved their spirit and showed that “To finish is to win.” To catalog these special times we offer the 2005 Memories package. This package includes: a copy of the 2005 Great Race Video Yearbook, the 2005 Great Race Speed Channel DVD, and the 2005 Great Race Slideshow. These memories are fresh now, but with this excellent package they can remain for a lifetime. We also have pictures of the 2005 race available for purchase on our website. Just go to Gallery and click on 2005 Photos. We have already begun to work on the 2006 race, which will finish in San Rafael, California. The 2006 application is now available. Take advantage of our early pay discount by sending us your application by September 1st. Great Race 2006 will be here before you know it, so don’t get left on the porch!


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