Monday, September 12, 2005

Monday, September 05, 2005 — BATON ROUGE, La. – Hurricane Katrina evacuees from New Orleans being housed at the River Center Shelter in Baton Rouge received encouraging words from the Rev. Jesse Jackson yesterday afternoon.
Rev. Jesse Jackson visited with several Hurricane Katrina survivors at the River Center Shelter in Baton Rouge, La. Here he speaks with and holds the hand with Marguerite Mackey, 85, from Buras, Ala., Sept. 4, 2005. (Photo Credit: Bradley Hague/American Red Cross)
Jackson encouraged people to hold on and not to give up. His message of hope to survivors was that rescuing efforts were continuing in New Orleans. He reminded them that the shelter was a temporary solution and that people were working for them to find a permanent solution to their housing needs.
“I want you to put your hands together for the wonderful job the American Red Cross is doing,” said Jackson, asking for the strong to take care of the weak, the young to care for the old and the men to care for the women.
Jackson visited with several of the shelter residents individually, hugging the children. He held the hand with hurricane survivor, Marguerite Mackey, 85, of Buras, Ala.
“Reverend Jackson is a good man. He is here to help us,” Mackey sighed. “Those flood waters didn’t care if we were black or white—they took everything no matter. Red Cross doesn’t care either. They help you no matter what color you are.”


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