Monday, September 12, 2005


As a new resident of Brodheadsville in 1989, I noticed the ruins of a building while driving on Silver Valley Road, about a quarter mile off Rt. 209. Opposite these ruins was an old barn just about ready to collapse. I didn’t pay much attention to it then, but after a time I decided to go and have a look at the ruins to try and determine what they once were. I took a number of photographs as I explored the ruins. From what remains were left, several wood cogged and metal gears, I determined that it was once some type of Mill, either for grain or woodworking. Several years later while researching the land I presently own and the development called "Stamford Heights", I came across a number of references to the "Red Mill", and another called "Wagner’s Mill". Both were located on McMichaels Creek in Brodheadsville, being only several hundred yards apart in distance. After extensive research I came to learn that Wagner’s Mill, and the Red Mill were a gristmill's for corn or wheat milling. One of the most important records pertaining to these mills was a land lease agreement by the founder of the Pohoqualine Fish Association. John Price Wetherill leased the water rights of McMichaels Creeks from the local farmers and mill owners so as members of his fish club would have unrestricted access to the creek. The original lease period was for ten years. It was these land lease records that helped establish the locations of the mills, and the locations of the various properties.


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