Sunday, April 09, 2006

Win a copy of 'Boudica' By Vanessa CollingridgeCollingridge

The History Channel is offering you the chance to win a copy of ‘Boudica’ by Vanessa Collingridge, courtesy of Ebury Press.

The Queen of the Iceni has been immortalised as the woman who dared to take on the Romans to avenge her daughters, her tribe and her enslaved country. Her infamy rests not only on the fact that she almost drove the Romans out of Britain; her legend became a point of reference for any woman in power – from Elizabeth I to the suffragettes to Margaret Thatcher. Yet along the way, the real story behind this historical icon was lost. Until now.

Vanessa Collingridge has had a passion for Boudica for over 20 years, drawn to this rebel leader with the same flame-coloured hair. Her search for the truth behind the legends took her on a fascinating journey from Britain to Rome, from libraries and archives to muddy fields, ancient ruins and to the homes of metal detectorists, all in an effort to present an honest full-bodied history of an Iron Age queen.

Combining the very latest research with recent archaeological discoveries, Vanessa Collingridge uncovers a story more astounding and gripping than previously known.

Collingridge expertly exposes a fight to the death between cultures, between sexes, and between the old world of myth and magic and the new world of ruthless imperial strategy – all set against a backdrop of international political and economic powerplay in one of the most tumultuous periods of history.


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