Sunday, April 09, 2006

DECODING THE PAST: Unravelling the Shroud

For centuries the Shroud of Turin has been a touchstone of faith for millions. Many believe it is the primary evidence of the way Jesus Christ died on the cross. But is it real or a clever forgery? Did Renaissance genius Leonardo Da Vinci play a trick on the Roman Catholic Church?

We travel to Turin, Italy to meet those who care for and display the Shroud. We investigate the security measures and preservation methods associated with the Shroud.

We also learn the story of the Shroud's journey from country to country, from the Holy Land all the way to Italy, and of the public displays of the Shroud along the way that drew pilgrims by the thousands.

We'll examine the latest scientific tests on the Shroud. How did the image of the man on the Shroud appear on the cloth? Was it art? Or was it a miracle? Scientists, theologians, historians and authors offer an astonishing array of theories.


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