Tuesday, November 01, 2005

LINE OF FIRE: The Third Crusade 1189 - 1192

Third Crusade set out to reclaim Jerusalem from the sultan of Egypt and Syria, who had seized it after the battle of Hattin in 1187.
Led by the three great leaders of western Christendom , Frederick I and Philip II, the Crusaders left home with high hopes and expectations. Their hopes, however, would be dashed and expectations would largely go unmet
Frederick drowned before even reaching the Holy Land and as a consequence the German effort fell apart.
Tensions between the English and the French saw Philip return home early. The siege of Acre was bought to a successful conclusion in 1191 and there was a morale-boosting victory over Saladin’s armies at Arsuf during the same year, but by the time domestic problems forced Richard to return home in 1192, Jerusalem was still in Muslim hands.


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