Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The ROMAN EMPIRE in the First Century

The Roman Empire laid the foundations for the creation of early Europe. It built roads that spanned the length of the continent in all directions and had a sophisticated aqueduct system which no longer meant that a town had to be situated near a river to survive. As long as the Empire was expanding Rome grew richer and stronger. In the First Century AD, Rome progressed from a Republic to an Empire, and with death of Julius Caesar became an inriguing and controversial Dynasty of Emperors. Rome had one of the most colourful and cosmopolitan societies in history with influences from all over the world. Life in Rome was bustling and most Romans lived in small apartments or rooms in a shared tenant building called an insulae. Wealthier Romans lived in large villas outside the city in order to avoid the noises and the smells but the atmosphere in Rome was unlike any other city at the time. In wake of the 1st Century AD the Empire spanned from Palestine, North Africa, Greece, Italy, Asia Minor through to France, Iberia and eventually Britain.


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