Monday, October 24, 2005

The Abram family

Images like this are interesting on their own. But in order to have real historical value they need to be seen in a broader context - say compared with other photos from the same period. Take a look at this photo of the Abram family - and what the owneThe Abram family, taken around 1900, Northamptonshire
The picture shows Charles Abram (born 1859) and Emily Abram (born 1861) with some of their children and grandchildren.
Emily and Charles had 13 children. The family has since dwindled in size, and there are now only two male descendants of the family alive - one living in Australia.
Now you have two family photos, both from the late Victorian era. What do these images have in common? How are they different from the kind of family snaps we have on our mantelpieces today? What might you be able to deduce from this about how families have changed? r, Toni Abram, says about it.


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