Friday, October 28, 2005

1886: Statue of Liberty dedicated

1636The founding of Harvard University, the first university in the United States of America. Its named after John Harvard , the English-born Puritan minister who bequeathed £779 and a 300 volume library.
1831English chemist and physicist Michael Faraday demonstartes the first dynamo
1836Proclaimation of the Federation of Peru and Bolivia.
1886The Statue of Liberty, designed by Auguste Bartholdi, is presented by France to the United States of America to mark the 100th anniversary of the America's Declaration of Independence.
1914American entrepreneur George Eastman announces his invention of a colour photograph process to be marketed by his Eastman Kodak Company.
1918Czeckoslovakia proclaims independence.
1949In Britain, a glove puppet named 'Sooty' makes his first appearance on BBC television.
1958In Britain, the State Opening of Parliament is televised for the first time.
1962The end of the 'Cuban Missile Crisis' when Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev orders Russian missiles on their way to specially-built rocket sites in Cuba to sail away and orders the bases, threatening the United States of America to be dismantled.
1962Opening of Britian's first urban motorway - the M62 around Manchester.
1971In Britain, the House of Commons backs Conservative Prime Minister Edward Heath and, by a majority of 112, votes for Britain to apply to join the EEC - the European Economic Market.
1864French painter Henri deToulouse Lautrec is born into a wealthy aristocratic family. He suffers from dwarfism and several other physical deformities. Many of his most famous paintings are inspired by Parisian low life - and he is a frequent visitor to music halls (especially the Moulin Rouge in Paris); cabarets, circuses and brothels. Dies after suffering a second stroke in 1901. Apart from those pictures bought by collectors, more than 500 of his works are in the Lautrec Museum in the French town of Albi where he was born.
1793American inventor Philo Remington born in New York. Works in his father's small arms factory and designs the 'Remington' breech-loading rifle.
1794Scottish physician Robert Listor is born in Linlithgow. Carries out Britain's first operation with the aid of an anaesthetic.
1903English novelist Evelyn Waugh. Major works include: 'Decline and Fall' (1928); 'A Handful of Dust' (1934); 'Brideshead Revisited' (1945) and his World War II trilogy 'Sword of Honour' (1952-61). Dies in 1966.
1927English cabaret singer and jazz musician Cleo Laine born in Middlesex.Real name Clementina Dinah Campbell. Marries band leader Johnny Dankworth.
1927English actress and stage director Joan Plowright born in Lincolnshire. Performs on stage opposite Laurence Olivier whom she marries in 1961.Is an award winner both as an actress and later as a stage director.


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