Thursday, October 20, 2005


Warfare was a way of life in the ancient world - the terrible power of tanks, machine guns, missile launchers and devastating flamethrowers was felt on the battlefields of the ancients.
The technology of war drove ancient inventors and engineers to ever greater lengths to defeat their enemies. They were, perhaps, the greatest masterminds of the battlefield - yet who were they, and how did they make their sophisticated lethal machines over two thousand years ago?
Ancient warfare was every bit as technical and lethal as the warfare of today. From the sinister machines that could bring a city's wall crashing down to Greek fire, the napalm of the Ancient world - warfare was as terrible then as it is now. But one of the most lethal war machine ever seen was the colossal Helepolis or 'city taker' the most sophisticated siege machine in history.
The sheer ingenuity and complexity with which these machines of war were created proves that the people of the ancient world were great inventors, mathematicians, and engineers.


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