Thursday, October 20, 2005

THE ROYAL NAVY: The Sun Never Sets

The beginnings of WWII find England standing alone. Nothing more devastatingly reveals the loss of England's unchallenged naval superiority than the quick and deadly sinking of HMS Hood and other powerful ships of the Royal Navy by Germany's mighty monster, the Bismarck, and deadly raider, the Graf Spee. However, Britain began the long fight back. With the rallying cry, ‘Sink The Bismark!’, and the successful pursuit of the Graf Spee the Royal Navy begins to turn the tide as the U.S. and the Allies join the war. After VE day, in a little known story, British carriers became decisive elements in the war in the Pacific.
After WWII, the downsizing of armed forces and decline of the British Empire, signalled the end of the Royal Navy as a world force. But in the Falklands war in 1982, thousands of miles from home, protecting their rights to one of the last remnants of the Empire, the sinking of the Argentine cruiser Belgrano by a British nuclear submarine, and the successful strikes of the carrier borne Harrier jets, again demonstrated the continuing resolve and effectiveness of the Royal navy. Today, with her nuclear missile subs and jump-jet carriers, the Royal Navy remains a decisive force in NATO, and a powerful reminder of the history and traditions of the extraordinary centuries when Britannia ruled the waves.


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