Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Titanic: Beyond The Curse

The greatest supernatural story of all times. After seven years of interviews with historians, divers, survivors and scientists, the compilation of hundreds of archives, testimonies and documented premonitions, has emerged a terrifying picture of the forces that conspired to bring about the tragedy.
For this was not a mere accident: the fate of the Titanic was sealed from the start. It was the outcome of a perfectly orchestrated chain of events, an unstoppable machine beyond human control.
Along its journey, countless signs announced the impending and inescapable disaster.Full of astonishing revelations, conducted as a criminal investigation, this scientific thriller provides unprecedented insights into the nature of curses.Titanic, British liner that sank on the night of Apr. 14-15, 1912, after crashing into an iceberg in the N Atlantic S of Newfoundland. More than 1,500 lives were lost. The Titanic, thought to be the fastest ship afloat and almost unsinkable, was on her maiden voyage and carried many notables among the more than 2,200 persons aboard. These circumstances made the loss seem the more appalling to the public in England and the United States. Official and other investigations revealed that messages of warning had been sent but had either not been received by the commanding officers or had been ignored by them. The ship had continued at full speed even after the warnings were sent. She did not carry sufficient lifeboats, and many of the lifeboats were launched with only a few of the seats occupied. Other vessels in the vicinity were unable to reach the Titanic before she sank; one, only 10 mi (16 km) away, did not respond because her wireless operator had retired for the evening. The disaster brought about measures to promote safety at sea, particularly the establishment of a patrol to make known the location of icebergs and of stringent regulations about the proper number and proper equipment of lifeboats to be carried by vessels. The catastrophe inspired a large literature. An expedition led by Robert


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