Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Win a copy of ‘Hornblower’ on DVD.

Hornblower is without doubt one of the most expensive and technically complicated series to have been produced for television and this prestigious adaptation charts the seafaring exploits of the young eighteenth century midshipman. The action follows Hornblower from his days as a seasick recruit, rising through the ranks to become Lieutenant and to be recognised as one of the most gallant and formidable figures in naval history.

The internationally acclaimed series was shot in several locations around the world including the Ukraine, Portugal, Menorca, London, Cornwall and Pinewood. Most of the maritime action was filmed aboard the first British frigate to be hand-built from wood in the last 150 years. Inspired by naval vessels of the 1750s, and built in Turkey using traditional tools, the 22 gun Grand Turk doubles as HMS Indefatigable, the ship on which Hornblower served as a midshipman.

Amid the gripping tales of treachery on the high seas, there’s time for romance for the shy hero. During the 16 hours of epic drama Hornblower encounters romance with a flirtatious Duchess played by Cherie Lunghi, a beautiful schoolteacher portrayed by Estelle Skornik (Nicole in the Renault Clio adverts), and widow Maria Mason played by Julia Sawhala who becomes Horatio Hornblower’s wife.

Hornblower – The Complete Collection includes a host of star names amongst whom are Robert Lindsay (Oliver, My Family), as Captain Sir Edward Pellew a redoubtable figure based on a real naval captain who sees the young Hornblower as his protégé, Cherie Lunghi (The Brief), Robert Bathurst (Cold Feet), Dennis Lawson (Bleak House), Samuel West (Van Helsing), Paul McGann (Withnail and I) David Rintoul (Dr Finlay, Henry VIII), Greg Wise (Sense and Sensibility), Julia Sawalha (Absolutely Fabulous) and Lorcan Cranitch (Spooks) and David Warner (Company of Wolves) to name a few.


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