Sunday, August 20, 2006

MEGA DISASTERS: New York City Hurricane

What would happen if a category 3 hurricane were to hit New York City? With an awesomely high storm surge and intense winds attacking one of the most heavily populated and economically vital locations in the world, the potential for massive destruction is almost unprecedented.

We explore the less-known but extensive history of previous northeast hurricanes, especially the "Great Hurricane" of 1938, in order to create empirical evidence that a storm of this size is not a science fiction movie but a very real possibility in the near future.

Time is also taken to explore the scientific nature and origins of hurricanes and to get an overview of some of the scientific and engineering changes that are taking place in the field of hurricane damage prevention.

Using computer animation, models and re-creations the story concludes with a view of what a storm like this might look like from inside the Big Apple.


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