Sunday, May 28, 2006

MAN MOMENT MACHINE: Stormin' Norman and the Abrams Tank

The year is 1991 and General Norman Schwartzkopf faces an unpredictable and dangerous enemy in Saddam Hussein. His weapon of choice - the mighty Abrams M1A1 main battle tank - will face its first test in combat.

This is a land war fought on rough desert terrain. The M1A1, boasts 120 mm guns, new armour design, night vision systems, and onboard nuclear, chemical and biological protection systems.

The sleek M1A1 and Schwartzkopf’s battle strategies will prove decisive. But not before tank and General are both tested to the limit.

In just 100 hours of battle, Schwarzkopf drives the Iraqis from Kuwait and shatters Saddam’s army. The 7th Corps, led by M1A1 tanks, destroy an estimated 1,300 Iraqi tanks. Only 18 M1A1’s are lost.

Schwarzkopf’s strategy for a clean, decisive win pays off. The M1A1 is key in delivering a swift victory and becomes the principal battle tank of the US Military.


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