Friday, May 26, 2006

The Dark Art of Interrogation

The high-stakes worlds of espionage, terror and psychological warfare collide at specially designed prisons like the one at Guantanamo Bay, where everyday, masters of information gathering practice The Dark Art of Interrogation.

With international restrictions such as the Geneva Convention, what governments publicly and privately acknowledge about interrogation techniques are usually two different things. But world terrorism on the deadly scale of September 11th has given the United States and other governments the rationale to go to new lengths of elaborate psychological manipulation.

The Dark Art of Interrogation takes you inside the shadowy world of men like former CIA Agent Keith Hall, who defends his use of brutal interrogation tactics that left one Lebanese terrorist suspect dead.

You’ll meet men like Michael Koubi, a master Israeli interrogator whose use of theatrics and deception produce exceptional results. We’ll meet Special Forces interrogators such as Bill Cowan whose battlefield interrogations in Vietnam helped save the lives of his men, as well as U.S. POWs who had to endure their own hell on Earth.

What would it feel like to be blindfolded, bound to a chair and threatened with the execution of everyone you love? In The Dark Art of Interrogation, former Afghan and Pakistani occupants of Camp X-Ray and Palestinian suspects interrogated by American Special Forces offer first-hand accounts of their experiences.

Best-selling author and master storyteller Mark Bowden (Black Hawk Down) will take you through the moral grey area of a world the U.S. government would rather you didn’t know exist…a place, where everyday, interrogators desperately question and coerce terrorists to unlock the piece of information that could prevent the next 9-11.


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