Monday, January 23, 2006

Titanic: A Tale Of Two Journeys

This stunning and visually rich programme follows the winner of The History Channel's competition as he sets off to dive on the Titanic. Subtly interweaving his modern day journey on the research vessel Keldysh with the story of the original fateful voyage of the Titanic, the programme takes a fresh look at the great ship and her unfortunate passengers.
The History Channel follows competition winner Rob Goldsmith and his father Danny to the very spot in the Mid Atlantic where nearly 100 years ago the Titanic sunk. Rob has been obsessed with Titanic since the age of eight and this is his dream come true - to travel 12, 500 feet to the bottom of the ocean, bringing him face to face with the wreck of Titanic; and he is only one of a handful of people who have been fortunate enough to see the great liner, and this was made possible by the Akademik Keldysh, a Russian research ship that operates two of only five deep sea submersibles that can descend to such depths.
'Titanic: A Tale of Two Journeys' accounts the remarkable life of the boat and the people who survived and perished that cold April night, with brand new images from the wreck it self, never before seen on Television. Two emotional journeys with one thing in common: Titanic.


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