Thursday, January 19, 2006

UFO FILES: Britain's Roswell

Over three nights in December 1980, Air Force personnel stationed at a NATO installation in England witnessed strange lights in the sky above the RAF Bentwaters and Woodbridge bases.

On the night of the 25th December, when servicemen spotted a glowing object in the woods, they investigated and came across a triangular metallic craft. One of them touched it and recorded strange etchings in his notebook.

It shot above the treetops and the men were later found in a daze by other troops. Two nights later, the Deputy Base Commander and a team investigated the alleged site, and saw lights over a field beyond the woods and a red object. It sped off, beaming lights over the bases.

Some witnesses allege the use of force and sodium pentothal during interrogation. A memorandum issued by the Deputy Base Commander, which recorded some of the statements, was later released via the Freedom of Information Act.

More files were released in 2002 but, to this day, the events remain a mystery. We'll try to unravel it.


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