Wednesday, January 11, 2006

In Boudica's footsteps

The real Boudica has been shrouded in mystery. Even her name was lost for centuries. The Roman historian Tacitus, who first told her story, mistranscribed it as 'Boudicca'. Then medieval monks, miscopying ancient Roman documents, turned it into 'Boadicea', by which she was known until modern historians rescued her identity.
In AD 60, this queen of the British Iceni tribe led a revolt that became notorious for the slaughter and destruction that followed in its wake. It was also significant for being the last organised resistance that the Romans experienced during their occupation of Britain.
This website tells the story of Boudica's rebellion. It takes you, step by step, on her journey from the first flames to the final disaster, and reveals where you can see the evidence for yourself.


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