Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Roman Vice

The story of Roman Vice is one of epic debauchery, monstrous cruelty and breathtaking extravagance. Luxury made the Roman world go round. The quest for better food, bigger villas, more opulent baths and more thrilling entertainment drove Roman civilization forwards.

Romans were obsessed with sex and death. Today, sexual excess equates to moral decay. But Roman sexual morality, utterly depraved by our standards, was simply a demonstration of Roman domination and power in action. The Roman male head of household could do whatever he liked whenever he liked with whomever he liked - it could be boys, it could be women, it could be slaves.

Roman Vice shows Roman civilization at its best and worst - outstanding depravity and amazing brutality next to world class opulence and a constantly expanding Empire. Surprisingly, the Roman Empire lasted for a thousand years, not despite the perverted lust for luxury of Emperors like Caligula and Nero but for the most part, because of it.'


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