Saturday, September 03, 2005

YR 27 Million for Expansion of Ali A. Al-Mughni Hospital

IBB - The Ministry of Public Health and Population is providing YR 27 million to fund the expansion of Ali A. Al-Mughni Hospital in the Saddah district of Ibb. According to the hospital director Nabil Al-Salami, a new building will be added to increase the hospital's intake capacity and meet the growing demand. “We have also begun to build a hostel for the doctors who come from other districts’s hospitals,” Al-Salami said. “The hospital will receive new equipment from the health ministry, including sterilization instruments and equipment to check vision.” The general director of the Aden branch of the Supreme Corporation of Drugs, Abdul-Qader Al-Bakiri says the corporation is now using sophisticated equipment to test the quality of medicine imported to Yemen. In a recent press statement, he said he was confident that homemade medicines meet international standards, pointing to the “quality of the raw materials involved” in the manufacturing of the medicines. “We maintain a monthly check on their manufacture, and no complications have been reported from the use of the medicines,” he said. The director warned against the sale of unlicensed medicines that are “smuggled intot he country and could pose a threat to users.” President Ali Abdullah Saleh has ordered military hospitals to offer routine medical services to the public free of charge.According to Ali Mohammed Naji, the manager of the Military Hospital, President Saleh instructed the hospital to make its services available to ordinary citizens.The Military Hospital has ward facilities for all types of cases, except children and births


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