Sunday, September 25, 2005

Vietnam War

1969 Congressional opponents of Nixon Vietnam policy renew opposition
Senator Charles Goodell (a maverick Republican from New York) proposes legislation that would require the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Vietnam by the end of 1970, and bar the use of congressionally appropriated funds after December 1, 1970, for maintaining U.S. military personnel in Vietnam.
The legislation failed to pass, but it was followed by 10 similar proposals over the next three weeks by legislators including Senators Jacob Javits, Frank Church, and Mark Hatfield. Nixon had temporarily silenced his critics earlier in the month by announcing a new troop withdrawal and a reduction in the draft call for the next two months, but many of those who opposed him in Congress felt that Nixon had ignored an opportunity to push for peace in Vietnam when Ho Chi Minh had died on September 1.
Also on this day: Two terrorist attacks occur near Da Nang in which 19 South Vietnamese die. Viet Cong commandos threw a grenade into a meeting place, killing four civilians and one policeman and wounding 26 others. At nearly the same time, a bus struck a mine 95 miles southeast of Da Nang killing 14 civilians.
1964 Political instability continues in South Vietnam
In South Vietnam, rumors of another coup cause government troops to take up key positions around Saigon, but nothing materializes. In Qui Nhon, South Vietnamese troops put down an antigovernment demonstration by Buddhist leaders. These incidents were part of the continuing instability in South Vietnam following the November 1963 coup that resulted in the death of President Ngo Dinh Diem.


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