Saturday, September 24, 2005

Series Synopsis

Were your ancestors sheep-thieves or war heroes, saints or sinners, nobility or simple folk? Are there family secrets you'd like to unlock, legends you'd like to untangle? Let Ancestors in the Attic help you solve dramatic, personal family mysteries and take you on a worldwide quest for answers.
MysteriesTell us what you know about the person in your family whose story most intrigues you. It can be a distant ancestor, a grandparent, parent, uncle or aunt. Does the mystery involve an heirloom or do you have an artefact that tells a tale you can't decipher? Send us a picture and tell us how it relates to your story.
LegendsDo you have a family legend you've always wanted to confirm? A great, great grandfather who might have been a European aristocrat, an ancestor related to a famous politician or world-renowned musician.
Brick WallsPerhaps you've hit a brick wall in your research or just have a question you'd like answered. Submit it for review by our expert panel. If we have the solution it may appear in an episode.
Your StoriesTell us the astonishing stories you've already unearthed. Have you made an unexpected or startling discovery while researching your heritage? Has tracing your family tree changed your life?


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