Monday, September 12, 2005

Gentex Three Mirror System Featured on SUV

Gentex Corporation, theleading supplier of automatic-dimming rearview mirrors to the worldwideautomotive industry, is shipping exterior auto-dimming mirrors forVolkswagen's 2006 Touareg sport utility vehicle. Gentex auto-dimming mirrors automatically darken to reduce glare from theheadlamps of vehicles approaching from the rear. The brighter the glare, thedarker the mirrors become, making nighttime driving safer. The 2006 Touareg is available with the three-mirror auto-dimming system ina variety of option packages worldwide. "We've been shipping interior mirrors for the Touareg since the vehicledebuted in the 2003 model year. The addition of two exterior auto-dimmingmirrors to the SUV, available to the world market, emphasizes the growingdemand for these safety features and Volkswagen's commitment to itscustomers," stated Executive Vice President Garth Deur. Founded in 1974, Gentex Corporationis an internationalcompany that provides high-quality products to the worldwide automotiveindustry and North American fire protection market. Based in Zeeland,Michigan, the Company develops, manufactures and markets interior and exteriorautomatic-dimming automotive rearview mirrors that utilize proprietaryelectrochromic technology to dim in proportion to the amount of headlightglare from trailing vehicle headlamps. Many of the mirrors are sold withadvanced electronic features, and approximately 95 percent of the Company'srevenues are derived from the sales of auto-dimming mirrors to nearly everymajor automaker in the world.


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