Monday, September 12, 2005

DEEP SEA DETECTIVES: Gold Rush Disaster - The Frolic

Teams of deep-water detectives use today's cutting-edge technology to make a shipwreck "tell its story."

Each hour-long episode investigates one underwater mystery, told through fascinating underwater footage, CGI graphics, expert interviews, archival materials and dramatic re-enactments.

Gold Rush Disaster - The FrolicJust off the coast of Northern California, our Deep Sea Detectives dive into a cove near Mendocino--a rocky inlet called "the Washing Machine" for its turbulent currents.

There they find the wreckage of The Frolic, a clipper that smuggled opium into China during the 1840s. Who built and owned it?

How did remnants of its cargo--Chinese ceramics--turn up in 1984 in a Native-American village in the Redwood Forest? How could there be no historical record of a shipwreck just off the California coastline?


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