Monday, September 12, 2005

Events that Changed Our World

Presented by Michael Buerk, this series combines some of the most memorable television moments of the second half of the twentieth century with the tension of a countdown formula.

The viewer remains enthralled by images of the moments when the world stood on the brink of disaster, when a continent gained its freedom, when a boxer became an icon and spokesperson for a generation of oppressed men and women and when man first stepped on to the surface of the moon.

This film introduces a new generations to the greatest political, scientific and sporting moments in living memory.

Unforgettable archive footage is interspersed with specially shot interviews and deliberations by a panel of judges, to realise this unique countdown of iconic moments:
February 1953 Crick and Watson unravel DNA: 1190 VotesSeptember 2001 Terrorist attacks in the USA: 846 VotesJuly 1969 The Moon landing: 668 VotesNovember 1993 First internet browser introduced: 594 VotesNovember 1989 Fall of the Berlin Wall: 553 VotesAugust 1963 Martin Luther King Speech: 222 VotesMay 1948 Founding of the state of Israel: 156 VotesOctober 1962 The Cuban missile crisis: 77 VotesMay 1979 Margaret Thatcher elected British PM: 58January 1979 Iranian revolution: 8


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