Monday, September 26, 2005


1982 KITT's Debut
The first episode of the television show Knight Rider aired on this day, starring David Hasselhoff as private eye Michael Knight. However, the real star of the show was "KITT," his talking car. KITT, a modified Pontiac Firebird, complete with artificial intelligence and glowing red lights, assisted Michael in his detective work. During the show's four years, KITT attracted a loyal fan following, and a few episodes even featured "KARR," KITT's look-alike nemesis.
1910 Losing Control of a Giant
William C. Durant, carriage maker and entrepreneur, was the original patriarch of the corporate behemoth General Motors (GM). But financial difficulties cost him control of the company on this day. Determined to regain control of his brainchild, Durant joined forces with Louis Chevrolet to establish the Chevrolet Motor Company. Five years later, Durant and Chevrolet acquired control of GM and extended the massive umbrella of the General Motors Corporation, with Durant serving as president. Yet, he would go on to lose control of GM yet again in 1920, this time permanently.
1920 Ford's Texas Ranger
The Ford Ranger, named after the Texas Ranger, was first announced appropriately in Houston, Texas. Although the Ford truck has changed considerably since the first Ranger model, the name still connotes a rugged, tough image. The Ford Ranger 4x4's are especially popular for off-road driving and other hardy pursuits


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