Thursday, August 25, 2005


In the mid 1990s the broadcasting industry created a voluntary ratings system intended to accompany all television programming. This ratings system is known as "TV Parental Guidelines." A monitoring board exists to ensure that ratings guidelines are applied accurately and consistently accross the television programming spectrum. Rating labels appear in the corner of your television screen during the first 15 seconds of each television program. They are also included in the online TV listings pages of A&E, The History Channel, The Biography Channel, and History International as well as the television listings of many newspapers. The labels were created to help parents determine which programs provide suitable viewing for their children. Each label corresponds to the degree, if any, of the following content contained in the designated program: Violence (V), Sex (S), coarse Language (L), sexual Dialogue (D).Ratings are assigned to all television programming on The History Channel. Below is detailed information regarding the different ratings levels.


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