Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Complete History of Britain DVD set

DVD Features: Notable Figures Biographies; Scene Selection; Interactive Menus.
The complete, epic, 15-part series from BBC and THE HISTORY CHANNEL.
Written and presented by Simon Schama, author of Rembrandt's Eyes and A History of Britain.
From the dawn of civilization to the 20th century, A HISTORY OF BRITAIN re-animates familiar tales and illuminates overlooked aspects of England's past. Written and hosted by historian Simon Schama (the bestselling author of Rembrandt's Eyes and The Embarrassment of Riches), this monumental The History ChannelĀ®/BBC co-production has been hailed by critics for its colorful--and controversial--approach, which discards timelines and tiresome lineages for a lively look at the personalities and cultures that infuse British history.
From India to Ireland, the Norman Invasion to the American Revolution, Schama spotlights the epic themes and towering figures that transformed an island "at the edge of the world" into the greatest empire on earth, examining the impact of this extraordinary heritage on the modern nation.
All 15 episodes of the landmark series are available on DVD for the first time in this extraordinary collector's set that belongs in the library of every history buff.


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