Thursday, June 15, 2006

The World Cup 1966

Our World Cup winning boys of ’66 get back together to watch the games that led them to glory – reminiscing about the legendary campaign and offering their analysis of the famous World Cup final.

Yet the legend of the ’66 success has been mired by controversy ever since Bobby Moore first lifted the trophy. Claims that England’s third goal failed to cross the line have been debated by officials, fans and historians alike for 40 years.

However, turning the debate on its head, this programme will reveal that it was in fact Germany’s last-minute equaliser – which sent the game into extra time – that should have been disallowed after a clear hand ball was missed by referee Gottfried Dienst.

Other revelations uncovered by the England stars include Sir Geoff Hurst’s admission that his famous third goal – of "they think it’s all over" fame – was in fact simply an attempt to thump the ball into the stands


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