Sunday, May 21, 2006

Mummy: The Inside Story

This is the inside story of how the British Museum in London resurrected an Egyptian mummy in cyberspace.

It starts in the museum basement and ends where nobody has gone before.Egyptologist John Taylor and a team of virtual reality experts from computer giant SGI have transformed the mummified body of Nesperennub - an ancient Egyptian priest - into the world's first virtual mummy.
From a set of 1500 CAT scans they have created a 3-D model of the mummy that can be unwrapped in the computer. The stunning stereoscopic images reveal Nesperennub's body in incredible clarity - and exactly like the embalmers left it in 800 BC.

By going under the wraps of Nesperennub we will journey into the life and times of this ancient Egyptian. Flying through his flesh and bones, we will unlock secrets that have been hidden for thousands of years.


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