Monday, March 27, 2006

VANISHINGS: Foo Fighters

In the years following World War II, American plots started to return to base with stories of strange happenings in the sky, and Unidentified Flying Objects.
Sometimes there were sinister metallic looking objects, sometimes fiercely glowing balls of fire, and sometimes twinkling clusters of brightly colored lights. Normally they rode alongside the pilot's wing, and disappeared as quickly as they arrived. But then things started to change.
As dusk fell on June 24th 1953, an F-94C Starfire took off from the Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to investigate a mysterious unidentified flying object.
But when the plane reached a height of just 1500 feet, all the control systems suddenly failed. After a desperate struggle to control the stricken aircraft the pilot and his radar operator baled out.
The pilot landed safely but didn't hear the sound of his plane crashing. In fact the plane had not crashed - it had vanished. So too had the radar operator.
This is just one of the stories of the mysterious foo-fighters. Were they really visitors from outer space, or was there a rational explanation?


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