Tuesday, January 31, 2006

SECRET SUPERPOWER AIRCRAFT: Secret Superpower Fighters

This programme examines the story of Moscow’s 1952 revelation that its air defences and fighter jets were outdated.

Stalin was furious after his MiG fighters were unable to catch British reconnaissance aircraft taking photos of Soviet airbases and called for a total reorganisation of Soviet air defences.

After this incident, Stalin vowed to never let the West have the upperhand again.After the October Revolution of 1917, Stalin, already a member of the central committee since 1912, entered the Soviet cabinet as people's commissar for nationalities and began to emerge as a leader of the new regime. During the civil war from 1918 to 1920 he played an important administrative role on the military fronts and in the capital. He was elected (1922) general secretary of the central committee of the party, enabling him to control the rank-and-file members and to build an apparatus loyal to him. Stalin's significance in the revolutionary movement and his relation to Lenin have been subjects of great controversy. He was highly regarded by Lenin as an administrator but not as a theoretician or leader. Toward the end of his illness, which began in 1922, Lenin wrote a testament in which he strongly criticized Stalin's arbitrary conduct as general secretary and recommended that he be removed. However, he died before any action could be taken, and the testament was suppressed.


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