Monday, November 21, 2005

The monastery and the mansion

For this programme, the second in the 2005 series, Time Team visited the village of Nether Poppleton, near York. The local residents were itching to know more about the place where they live. Mysterious earthworks cover a field around their church and the locals have bought the land to protect it from development. But what do these earthworks represent?
Most of the houses in Nether Poppleton date from the 18th century or later, and yet the village seems to follow a standard planned medieval layout common throughout Yorkshire. There is also a reference in the Domesday Book to the village as the land of St Everilda. Did this Anglo-Saxon saint have her nunnery here?
Using the enthusiasm of the village residents to the full, on the first day Time Team recruited 50 of them to dig test pits in their own gardens, while Phil Harding and his team tackled the site around the church. In the light of the reference to St Everilda, the Team – and Mick Aston in particular – was especially interested in whether the Norman church was built on the site of an earlier Anglo-Saxon building.
Was the village originally Saxon, Norman or medieval? With Time Team's help, the people of Poppleton were on a mission to find out for themselves.


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