Tuesday, October 18, 2005

George V

King of Great Britain and IrelandIn these days, when fear and preparation for war are again astir in the world, let us be thankful that quiet government and peace prevail over so large a part of the earth's surface. On May 6, 1935, hundreds of thousands of people poured into London to attend the celebrations marking King George V's Silver Jubilee. The great enthusiasm with which ordinary citizens honored the twenty-fifth anniversary of George's ascension demonstrated the high affection in which he was held by his subjects. On May 9, the third day of festivities, the king addressed members of Parliament, representatives of the Commonwealth, and other dignitaries gathered at London's Westminster Abbey. In his speech, the king praised the stability of the British Empire, a peace that he himself had helped foster through his acceptance of greater autonomy for India and Ireland. Celebrations continued in the British capital through June 3, the king's seventieth birthday.


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