Wednesday, October 12, 2005

General Patton/3rd Army WWII Commemorative

December 2005 marks the 60th anniversary of General George S. Patton Jr. 's death. In order to properly commemorate the great general's legacy, the Patton family and History Channel Travel have joined with America's most experienced WWII Tour Directors - Cristy and Ray Pfeiffer - in order to offer this unique tour. Cristy and Ray are experts on the role of General Patton and the Third Army, and we'll be visiting towns and areas where they have brought hundreds of returning 3rd Army veterans, their families and other patriotic Americans since 1983. We'll visit many of the monuments and plaques, which were dedicated during tours directed by Cristy and Ray and benefit from their 24 years of guiding experience. Helen Patton - the general's granddaughter will host a VIP reception for us at the Patton home in France, and we'll have private receptions in castles and town halls as we honor the great achievements of the 3rd Army. Luxembourg City Today we will follow the route of the 3rd Army's “Fire Call” to relieve the besieged defenders of Bastogne. Our day begins in Ettelbruck where we'll visit the famous General Patton Monument and the General Patton Museum. We'll have lunch in Ettelbruck before we visit some of the important battle sites along the once-bloody roads to Bastogne such as: “Schumann's Crossroads”. We'll continue on to beautiful Clervaux where men of the 28th I.D. (Pennsylvania National Guard) made their heroic stand. Today Clervaux is known for its castle and the famed G.I. Monument. Clervaux was re-liberated by the 26th I.D. “Yankee Division”. We'll be warmly welcomed by the citizens of Luxembourg and be treated to a private reception in the castle. We'll also visit the Battle of the Bulge Museum in the castle. Dinner will be at our hotel tonight. (BB,L,D)


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