Thursday, September 22, 2005

WWII Italian Campaign (10 Days)

THE OBSTACLE COURSE TO ROME - aboard the 122-passenger Clipper Adventurer!Discover historic sites that were witness to the dramatic events of World War II’s Italian Campaign during this unique cruise. In July 1943, Allied forces waged a fierce battle against the Axis powers to win a toehold on the Italian peninsula. The invasion of Sicily — known as Operation Huskyand led by British General Sir Harold Alexander and Lt. General George S. Patton’s 7th Army — was, and remains, the largest amphibious assault in history, involving landings over a 50-mile front. For 38 days, the Allies fought to drive the Axis forces across the Strait of Messina and on to the Itallian mainland. With the successful conclusion of this first large-scale opposed landing on the European continent, the Allies achieved control of the Mediterranean and were in Italy to stay. You’ll visit the landing beaches at Gela, Licata, Avola, and the Maddalena Peninsula, and tour Catania, Letini, and Primsole Bridge. In Salerno, walk in the footsteps of the brave soldiers who came ashore at Paestum and Battipagila. At Anzio, see where the Fifth and Eighth Armies launched a carefully synchronized attack in May 1945, which finally penetrated Germany’s Italian defensive line, leading to its surrender in Italy and to the first formal capitulation of the war. An onboard staff of experts who are knowledgeable about the political and cultural history of the many places you visit will enhance your enjoyment and understanding.Day by Day ItineraryDay 1 Your adventure begins today as you depart the USA and prepare for your journey into italy's most beautiful ports and historically significant sites. Day 2 Valletta, Malta (Embark) Today you will visit the capital of Malta. Walking around Valletta you'll come across an intriguing historical site around every corner: votive statues, niches, fountains and coats of arms high up on parapets. Day 3 Gela, Sicily Gela reached its greatest splendor under the rule of tyrants Hippocrates and Gelon. The city gradually lost its political importance, although it still played a major cultural role and was the site of some significant battles during WWII. One such skirmish in Gela helped to erase any lingering doubts about the fighting quality of American troops after the debacle at Kasserine. Day 4 Siracusa, Sicily Today you will enjoy time at port in Siracusa, home of fascinating ancient sites, beaches, and great restaurants! Try some of the local pizzerias and fresh seafood establishments before heading back on board. Day 5 Messina, Sicily During World War II, Sicily was the scene of heavy fighting when the Allies launched an invasion from North African bases on July 9-10, 1943. Despite numerous disasters, the city of Messina managed to regain its former splendor. Day 6 Salerno Salerno is a very beautiful city situated in the middle of two enchanting coasts, the Amalfi and Cilento coasts. In September 1943, Salerno was the scene of the landing of the allies. The post-war period was difficult for all the Italian cities, but Salerno managed to improve little by little and to aim at becoming a modern European city. Salerno is a charming synthesis of what the Mediterranean can offer to anyone who wants to know it more closely. Day 7-8 Gaeta, Italy The coastal town of Gaeta boasts a spectacular beach caressing the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean. This ancient town was a highly important port and resort town during the Roman Period. One of the prizes of the town was the 13th century Annunciation Church where Pope Pius IX prayed. Another must-see is Split Mountain sanctuary on Mt. Orlando. Legend has it that when Jesus died on the cross the earth shook and the mountain split in half. Day 9 Anzio Well known for its beautiful seaside harbor setting, Anzio is a fishing port popular with tourists and is recognized as the site of important battles near the end of WWII. During the early morning hours of January 22, 1944, troops of the Fifth Army swarmed ashore on a fifteen-mile stretch of Italian beach near the prewar resort towns of Anzio and Nettuno. The landings were carried out so flawlessly and German resistance was so light that British and American units gained their first day's objectives by noon, a weak preparation for battles to come. Day 10 Civitavecchia Today you will disembark and prepare for your journey home.


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