Friday, September 16, 2005

Long search

"We've constructed machines that outperform the body in speed, precision and power," says Stelarc. "Also, technology accelerates the body to attain planetary escape velocity.

Alter the architecture and you adjust the body's operation and awareness
Stelarc "The body off the Earth can't cope with the extremes of environments, gravitational pressures, etc. and requires technological life-support systems to function in these new spaces," he told BBC News Online.
"The body can only be considered relevant now as a component of extended operational systems."
Not simply a wearable prosthesis, but one constructed to be a permanent addition, the new ear has so far been grown to quarter-scale; a half-scale version will be built later this year.
Though surgical techniques for ear reconstruction have been around for quite a while, the artist has spent close to six years trying to get reconstructive surgeons to help.
He finally struck gold with the TCA; the group agreed to grow a tissue-engineered ear, which should eventually be grafted on to his arm.


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