Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Last Days Of World War II DVD set

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Three stellar documentaries from THE HISTORY CHANNEL examining the last days of the second world war.
THE LAST DAYS OF WORLD WAR II presents three stellar documentaries from THE HISTORY CHANNELĀ® that examine the heady period leading toward victory and the stunning revelations of the complex aftermath. From decisive ground battles and the last Allied ship sunk by the Nazis, to the wrenching drama of the Nuremberg trials and a probing analysis of the unlikely alliance of the Axis powers, first-hand footage and expert commentary from scholars and eyewitnesses propel this sweeping overview of one of modern history's darkest, most pivotal chapters.
Featured documentaries in this DVD set:THE LAST DAYS OF WORLD WAR II: Relive the unrelenting Allied advance through Europe that finally crushed the seemingly invincible Third Reich. Witness the final acts of the Nazis and the climax of the Pacific War and experience the unprecedented judgments of the Nuremberg trials.USS EAGLE 56: ACCIDENT OR TARGET?: In April 1945, an American boat off the New England coast towing a target for torpedo bombers suddenly exploded, killing all but 13 of its 63 officers. Was it an accident or a final act of aggression?LAST SECRETS OF THE AXIS: Examine the remarkable historical confluence that led to the German-Japanese alliance and discover how one German geography professor played a key role. Also, learn about Japan's intent to unleash biological warfare on the California coast!


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