Sunday, August 21, 2005


November 6, 1975: Nineteen-year-old college student Regina Marie Reynolds is a student at Morrisville State College in New York. Around 5 PM, she is driving with her boyfriend Robert MacDonald and asks to be dropped off on Route 20, in front of the Arizona Diner parking lot. She plans to hitchhike the 5 miles west back to campus to have dinner with friends, while MacDonald plans to continue on to his home.

When Regina misses classes on Friday, then the following Monday, her friends become concerned. She is a conscientious student and unlikely to skip out on school. Her roommate, Catherine Dixon, goes to campus security to report her friend missing. Campus security, in turn, files a missing persons report with the New York State Police. (Regina's mother, Barbara Smith, also happens to work for the New York State Police.)
As soon as the missing persons case is opened, friends and colleagues of Regina Reynolds' are questioned. Detective Eugene Rifenberg of the New York State Police helps work the missing persons case.

Some people say they saw a girl who looks like Regina get into a blue and white Volkswagen van the night of her disappearance. Some witnesses describe three white men who were possibly talking to someone who looked like Regina. Missing person fliers are posted all over the community. We have copies of the missing persons flier.
Friends say Regina was not the type to up and run away. She was responsible student in the prime of her life. Rifenberg believes this to be no ordinary missing persons case - either Regina was abducted … or killed.


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