Saturday, November 06, 2010

Adrian Păunescu-It is a great poem ....!!!

Poet Adrian Păunescu
Death of the poet (Adrian Paunescu) has hurt millions of Romanians ... ptr read his poems deserve to be one of the best from romania ...Poetry thousand liked below, please read it ...!!! !

I sit, so face-upwards,
Weather struck obliquely
And slowly as a spring under
I'd mutter poems.

And under the bed of my spine,
The floor to hold him,
As time would deteriorate
And in the house would be ruined

And the slow destruction
Over my eyes blind
The mouth begins to see
I, filled with grass

The sad sleep as a magnet
Only knows what to call,
I'd slowly restored,
Mysteries and poems.

Bleached my flesh bone
Schiloada cypress,
Hit the painful stones
The cut of a scythe.

It would make the mouth and whispered
What's her and not me
In the age of schizophrenia
Until the end of the world-

And if unquenchable cousin,
What is one to benefit,
The cynical roar purposely
I would swallow and bone,

I, mysterious, gentle and ward,
Posthumous silence trampling,
Of all the walls with lime give
I would return, in the world,

To a house, where now
And still waiting for death,
So sad way to nceapă
From beyond a whisper.

Let me say that not later still.
Ruin is far away,
And I know your heart
Life and death.

I sit here on this beach-
Which to me is fine
Like the weather, put border obliquely,
Mbătrânesc to you.

Let me suck the bones in the ground-
As if the bones would cry,
Let me just say limestone
And one last drop of blood.

It is a great poem ....!!!


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