Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vasile Alecsandri (1821 - 1890)

Vasile Alecsandri (1821 - 1890) was a poet, folklorist, politician, minister, diplomat, Romanian academician, a founding member of Romanian Academy, creator of Romanian theater and dramatic literature in Romania, Moldova and then the leading figure of Romania throughout the nineteenth century.

* Doina

Doina, Doina!
If I have a mouse,
Tress in yellow-flowered,
Red flower kiss!

If I have a mândrulică
The corn-ochişori
Vigorous and soul!

If I have a bălăioară
Tall, cheerful, light
As a young deer!

I would make Nightingale
If I play night-in cooler
Doina the dezmierdătoare!

Doina, Doina!
If I have a piggy bank
And three in punguliţâ glonp
"And a sorioară the hatchet!

If I was on my mind,
A fiery horse like a lion
Sin heavy black!

The bonding I have seven brothers
All men like me
Dragons and horse!

I would make a great eagle,
The day I sing, the sun,
Doina the revenge!

Doina, Doina!
And I would say: "Mândruliţă,
I swear that cross-p
To keep you as a Badita! "

And I would say: "Voinicele,
Do you ntreci with swallows
Over the hills and Valcele! "

And I would say, 'Seven Brothers,
Take the cross and swear
To live forever you do not! "

Come, children, valiance,
To escape poor estate
The pagans and slavery!

* Doina is the most vivid expression of the Romanian soul.
It includes his senses of pain, love and longing.
Sorry Doina, for who understands it is just complaint
tender regard to its past glory of our country!


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