Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Battle Of Lepanto

This film follows the landmark expedition undertaken by the Spiegel TV team to shed light on the colossal maritime battle of Lepanto. For the first time in history, they uncover definitive physical evidence on where and how this battle took place.

In 1571, the Mediterranean Sea was the battleground for the greatest naval clash in world history: the battle between the Holy League - the unity of the Christians of Europe and the Ottomans from Turkey. The battle involved 600 ships carrying 250,000 people and resulted in nearly 50,000 casualties. This was the bloodiest confrontation ever between members of the Muslim and Christian Faith - this level of mass killings was not reached again until World War I.

The war was instigated by the Roman Catholic Pope who was in fear of Muslim dominance in Europe. He brought together key Italian provinces such as Venice and the whole of Spain. Besides the religious motivation, the support he received from the seafaring trade nations was fuelled by their fear of losing control of their lucrative trade routes. Interestingly, Miguel de Cervantes (author of Don Quixote) fought in this battle onboard a Spanish galleon!

Using the latest sonar technology and cutting edge analytical equipment, the Spiegel TV team undertook a mission that not even Cousteau was able to accomplish in the past - with 100 per cent success. Had the Holy League not defeated the Ottomans in this battle, would modern Europe have become a fully Islamic region?


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